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Terms And Conditions

We are only responsible for supplying the original product on our site and delivering it without any problems.

We are not responsible for any problems that may arise from unconscious use.

You are entirely responsible for any side effects and damages you may experience.

There is no guarantee that every product will work at the same efficiency for every individual, remember that every person's lifestyle and body is different.

The information provided on the site may not be 100% accurate, it consists of generally accepted information and research.

We do not want individuals aged 17 or under to get in touch.

The buyer is deemed to have accepted all the articles in the contract.

The product / products whose packages are opened are not refunded.

The buyer agrees to pay with the payment method accepted in the order with the order.

By purchasing our product, you accept our rejection of any health or medical responsibilities that may occur.

You are not entitled to any compensation or claim for any side effects or health problems that may occur.

After the order is entered, the product or products are sent with the courier company agreed by the seller.

The product / products are delivered to the address information entered by the buyer in the order.