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Canada Peptide

The main purpose of using is to increase the growth hormone in the body, as a result, igf1 increases in hormone and muscle increase is triggered with fat burning.

Model: Cjc-1295 5mg 5- Flakon Anti̇bakteri̇yel Sulu
EXPLANATIONCjc-1295 + Dac is a tetrasubstituted 30-amino acid long ester peptide. It works as a growth hormone secretagogue in the body, makes Dac cjc1295, which is in addition to Cjc1295, longer estered, increases the half-life. CJC1295 + injected subcutaneously from the navel works for 1 week in t..
Model: Canada Pepti̇des Folli̇stati̇n 1mg 5 Flakon + Antibakteriyel Su
Follistatin 344 is a miraculous protein ingredient that increases pure muscle mass by suppressing the myostatin hormone. Myostatin hormone is a hormone that prevents muscle growth in our body, if myostatin hormone was zero in the body, we could add 300-400 grams of pure muscle mass per day. We've al..
Model: Canada Pepti̇des Ghrp-2 5 Mg 5 Flakon + Antibakteriyel Su
About Product GHRP & nbsp; peptides release natural growth hormone into the body. It is used for purposes such as increase in lean muscle mass, anti-aging and fat burning. & nbsp; Ghrp-2 may appear similar to other growth hormone secretagogue products as Cjc1295 and sermorelin, but they..
Model: Canada Pepti̇des Hgh Fragment (176-191) 5 Mg 5 Flakon
Canada Pepti̇des Hgh Fragment (176-191) 5 Mg 5 Vials + Antibacterial Water Hgh Fragment is a modified version of the growth hormone we know, Fragment does not cause excessive muscle development but is a very effective fat burner, Hgh fragment has 12 times more effective fat burning feature than..
Model: Canada Pepti̇des İgf 1-lr3 1 mg 5 Flakon
Product Effects Lean Muscle Increase Fat burning Improvement in mental functions Igf1 provides bone elongation in children, is responsible for muscle growth and faster treatment of torn muscles in adults. Igf1-lr3 is much more effective than normal igf1, the reason it is ..
Model: Canada Pepti̇des Mg 5 Mg 5 Flakon + Antibakteriyel Su
MGF USE AND ATTENTION REQUIRED. 2 after workout and 2 hours before going to sleep, should not be used. The daily dosage is 1400mcg in total. 1400mcg should be divided into 2 or 3 per day. Applied regionally. Daily dosage should be divided equally to each muscle area. 1400mcg dai..
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