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Canada Pepti̇des İgf 1-lr3 1 mg 5 Vials + Antibacterial Water

Canada Pepti̇des İgf 1-lr3 1 mg 5 Vials + Antibacterial Water
Canada Pepti̇des İgf 1-lr3 1 mg 5 Vials + Antibacterial Water

Product Effects

  • Lean Muscle Increase
  • Fat burning
  • Improvement in mental functions
  • Igf1 provides bone elongation in children, is responsible for muscle growth and faster treatment of torn muscles in adults. Igf1-lr3 is much more effective than normal igf1, the reason it is more effective is the duration of its stay in the body. While the effect of igf1 lasts 20 minutes, igf1-lr3 is effective for 20-30 hours. Growth Hormone or Igf1-lr3? Igf1-lr3 gives faster results by directly affecting the muscle increase. Growth, ie growth hormone indirectly supports the muscle increase, provides growth by increasing igf1 in the liver. Growth Hormone and Igf1-lr3 use together? The answer to this question is yes, growth hormone and igf1-lr3 can be used together and combine very well. After training, 10-20mcg igf-lr3 and 2-4iu growth hormone with breakfast provide maximum growth with minimal side effects. Use of IGF1-LR3;

    The most ideal usage amount is between 20-50mcg per day, 20mcg is the dosage usually used. Using it in the morning and right after training ensures the highest quality efficiency.

  • Igf1-lr3 can be applied intramuscularly and subcutaneously
  • IGF1-LR3 Duration of Use: It can be used up to 8 weeks.
  • IGF1-LR3 Side Effects; Fatigue, cramps, headache, low sugar
  • CANADA PEPTIDE Igf1 Lr3 1mg 1 Vial Preparation
  • - What You Need To Get From The Pharmacy; 1 Insulin Syringe.
  • Before mixing the powdered peptide and water, cool both the water and the peptide for 1 hour at the bottom of the cabinet.
  • The cooled water and peptide are now ready to mix.
  • Put 2ml (200u) of water into the vial containing the powder and wait for 10 minutes to mix, do not rinse.
  • It should be stored in the fridge after it is completely mixed.
  • Every 5ıu = 25mcg.