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Canada Pepti̇de Cjc-1295 5mg 5- Flakon Anti̇bakteriyel Sulu

Canada Pepti̇de Cjc-1295 5mg 5- Flakon Anti̇bakteriyel Sulu
Canada Pepti̇de Cjc-1295 5mg 5- Flakon Anti̇bakteriyel Sulu


Cjc-1295 + Dac is a tetrasubstituted 30-amino acid long ester peptide. It works as a growth hormone secretagogue in the body, makes Dac cjc1295, which is in addition to Cjc1295, longer estered, increases the half-life. CJC1295 + injected subcutaneously from the navel works for 1 week in the body and releases growth hormone.

The main purpose of using cjc1295 is to increase the growth hormone in the body, as a result, the igf1 hormone increases and muscle gain is triggered with fat burning.

Cjc1295 is not synthetic growth hormone, it is the natural growth hormone boosting trigger.

To benefit from the rejuvenating effect of Cjc1295, it should be injected before going to bed at night. In order to benefit from its anabolic effect, 1-3 injections should be made during the day.

Cjc1295 Dosage and Usage; The ideal dosage is 300mcg per day. It is recommended to divide this dosage into 3. In the morning-100mcg, noon-100mcg and evening-100mcg.

CJC 1295 is a peptide hormone with 30 amino acids. Increases the production of growth hormone. Its main task is to increase protein synthesis, increase muscle mass and give many more positive effects. Cjc 1295 also accelerates wound healing, burns excess fat, strengthens the immune system, increases bone density and accelerates cell renewal of skin and organs, making you feel and look more vigorous and young.

canada Peptide Cjc1295 5mg 1 vial Preparation;

What You Need To Buy From The Pharmacy; Injectable Serum Physiological Water, 1 Insulin Syringe

Before mixing the powdered peptide and water, cool both the water and the peptide in the bottom of the cabinet for 1 hour.

The cooled water and peptide are now ready to mix.

Put 2.5ml (250iu) of water into the vial containing the powder and let it mix for 10 minutes, do not shake.

After it is completely mixed, it should be kept in the cupboard.

It makes 5iu = 100mcg each.


Muscle increase

Fat Burning

Increase in motivation

More pronounced lines


Two injections per week are sufficient. The recommended dosage per week is between 2-4mg. It has been observed that it combines well with Ghrp.


Redness and itching may occur in the injection area.